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Quintessential Tips To Redefine Your Fashion Statement

Quintessential Tips To Redefine Your Fashion Statement

A keen eye towards the outfits and accessories you are mix-matching can have a significant difference on your overall look. Mixing and matching different outfits, adding accessories and picking the right shoes, to tie the entire look, can seem like a challenging tasks at hand. Only a seasoned fashionista can hit the right chords every time. For the beginners or amateurs, there is always the option of reaching out to fashion experts or personal styling personnel for professional assistance. The first option will go easy on your pocket, while only the crème de la crème can afford the services of the latter. No matter what your pocket permits, with some tweaks, any man or woman can highlight a new side of his or her personal styling or fashion statement.


Identify your style

Fashion is ever-changing, but the style is a constant element. More than fashion, it is your style that assists you to stand apart from the rest. Before you try out latest clothes, shoes, and accessories, make sure these pieces gel with your personal style. A lady, who loves to flaunt her formal self, will feel like a fish out of water in “all casuals.” On the other hand, if you have a relaxed and casual attitude, then formals will not do much justice to your natural beauty. Only you can identify what your style is, and create your fashion statement accordingly. Basic clothes and accessories look good on people of all styles and tastes. Always remember that life is rather short. Don’t save your nice garments for a special occasion. Whenever you step out, highlight your style like there is no tomorrow.

Planned shopping trips

If you think that it is impossible to look amazing on a budget, then it is time to shun that notion once and for all. Your style and taste will enhance your beauty, not the price tag of your clothes. Don’t just step into the store and pick things that you like. Figure out your style and the look you want. Pick clothes accordingly. That not only saves time but also a significant amount of money. Purchase outfits which will go well with each other and will also complement your existing attire. If you are in a big dilemma, always go for basic garments, colors, and designs. These are your “fail-safe” options.


Fitted clothes look awesome

No matter what your body size is, fitted clothes always give a polished and sophisticated look. But steer clear of too body-hugging outfits if you don’t have the right figure. That will make you look cheap. Fitted clothes mean attires that are of your size. Purchasing a size smaller or bigger will not offer desired results. Perfectly tailored garments look good on their own. You need not brainstorm over accessories. A fitted black dress, basic black high heels, a golden clutch with smoky eyes and red lips will make you “date ready” in no time. The same dress will also work for professional ventures. Just throw on a pure white linen blazer, opt for nude makeup and replace the clutch with a medium black-white handbag. If the clothes fit your body, your look will suit the occasion.

Concentrate on few elements only

People who know the art of striking a balance, while dressing, will succeed in making a “bang-on” style statement. Highlight only a few features. If your dress is too gaudy, then pick simple accessories. When opting for smile garments, you can choose a jacket, bag, and shoes, which are in sync. The simple dress will work as a subtle background that will help these pieces to stand out. A gorgeous dress, paired with too much bling and bright hues will only create confusion. It is hard for one piece to shine through when too much is going on. Shorts will offer a trendy look this summer. Distressed or acid-washed jean shorts will go perfectly with light colors. Add some tie-up or gladiator shoes or keen-high boots to bring some drama to this ensemble.

Add bright elements carefully

Adding bright pops of color always helps in breathing life in the entire ensemble. You don’t have to add a bright contrasting scarf all the time. An electric blue or shocking pink broad belt will add color to your light brown A-line dress. It will also complement your solid colored or black and white polka dotted jumpsuit. In case you love the double denim look, a red or bright yellow fanny pack will do the trick flawlessly. If you don’t have a thing for belts or fanny packs, then bring shoes can offer satisfactory results.


Natural and Denim: Always in vogue

What are the two most popular fabrics of all time? The answer will evidently be natural fabrics and denims. These have a unique appeal. Any natural material offers comfort and style. These are also available in several colors. Natural fabrics like linen, cotton, jute, and silk add richness to the dress and are suitable for any season. Denim has always been in fashion since its inception. In recent times, designers are experimenting with different denim types as well. Apart from traditional bottom-wear, one can find skirts, dresses, shorts, jackets, shirts, even shoes, and bags made of this material.

Shoes for all occasions

Last but not the least; your style statement will not be complete without befitting footwear. There are endless options to pick from. But if you were to look your best at any occasion, then you must keep pointed toe and high heel shoes handy at all times. A pair of black and off-white or tan colored high heel pumps will look good on the party floor as well as the boardroom.


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