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Sleeping With a Snorer: 5 Tips to Minimize the Stress

Sleeping in the same bed with a spouse who snores can take its toll on an otherwise healthy relationship. While it might seem that snoring is a trivial concern that shouldn’t affect a relationship, any couple that’s dealt with the issue will tell you that when you aren’t sleeping well at night and it’s all ‘their’ fault, it’s pretty hard to be nice.  Fortunately, there are a plethora of solutions that make dealing with a snoring spouse much easier. Before you move to the sofa or worse, file the divorce papers, use the five tips below to minimize the stress that your snoring spouse adds to your life.

Purchase a Snoring Aid for Your Spouse

Anti-snoring aids are available and should be the first line of recourse when dealing with a snoring spouse that is disturbing your sleep. Obviously, the snoring isn’t something they do purposely and they need a helping hand to stop. Nasal strips, mouth guards, and many other anti-snoring aids are available in price ranges small and large, making it simple for every couple to find a solution that satisfies their needs.

Purchase Ear Plugs

Standing ear plugs on a white tableFor years now, ear plugs have served as the go-to method to drown out undesirable noises. There is little wonder why they’re still one of the top choices for couples dealing with snoring. A variety of materials and styles of ear plugs exist, so it should be fairly simple to find a comfortable pair to keep in your ears while sleeping to keep snoring from disturbing your rest.

White Noise

White noise helps you focus on soothing sounds that lull you to blissful sleep. Running a fan is one solution to the need for white noise, although it can be noisy and disturbed sleep even more. Many white noise machines, apps, and CDs are available that are a better choice if you desire playing white noise in the background. Many people find the sounds relax them and certainly aid in their sleep patterns.

Turn on the Music

Purchase a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones and add your favorite songs to your playlist if you enjoy music and need a way to keep the snoring out of your ear range. Many of today’s headphones and earbuds are comfortable enough to fall asleep -and stay asleep- with inside your ears.

Talk to the Doctor

When other treatment options fail to reduce snoring or the sleep disturbances affecting your life, it is time to schedule an appointment with the doctor. Underlying health conditions, including sleep apnea, could be the culprit of snoring and until the issues are treated, snoring will continue to cause difficulties. The doctor may also offer additional options and medical devices that work to alleviate snoring.

Final Thoughts

The solutions above are a handful of the many that you can use to help get back to sleep when a snoring spouse keeps you up at night. Snoring is a problem for you just as much as it is for your spouse, but knowing that there is help available eases much of the stress. Which of these solutions will you try first?

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