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Suffering From Back Pain? Here’s How to Treat it

It doesn’t matter how it happens (sometimes there’s no explanation at all) when your back hurts, it’s a real pain. Serving as the core of your body, your back is always being used. When you’ve got a bad back, every bend, twist and turn that you make can be crippling. In dealing with the matter, sometimes the pain goes away just as quickly as it came, but other times, the problem escalates to the point you’re unable to properly move. Knowing what to do and when you may need more advanced solutions is the best way to cope.

You May Need Surgery

Some back problems are easy to overcome and only require that you stay off your feet for a few days and take a few pain pills for relief. Others are more serious and may require you to get surgery. For example, if you hurt your back while moving boxes in your attic, you could have suffered a herniated disc. Though not always necessary, if you’re suffering from nerve issues, you’re unable to perform daily duties, or you’re unsuccessful with other pain management methods that will be discussed below, you may need herniated disc surgery to resolve the matter.

Methods to Try First

Surgery for back pain can offer patients long-term relief from the symptoms and discomfort. It isn’t, however, going to be the first suggestion that your doctor or chiropractor recommends. Here are some advisement they might consider:

Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

Pain medication may automatically be recommended by your doctor to help treat your symptoms. Typically, you’d start by using over the counter meds such as ibuprofen. If this doesn’t work effectively, your doctor may prescribe a higher dose or different form of anti-inflammatory medication. Using as instructed can provide temporary relief.

The Right Shoes

A common culprit in back pain are the types of shoes you opt to wear. Some do not provide the necessary cushion and arch support to maintain proper posture throughout the day. This could cause the pain to be worse. It may be advised that you switch your shoes for something more comfortable.

A New Bed

If you’ve had your mattress for more than ten years, it could quite possibly be the reason for your bad back. To remedy the problem, you may need to invest in a new one. Be sure to test out beds as you want one that will provide some cushion while offering support along pressure points in the back and neck to prevent injuries or pain.


Sometimes the stiffness in your back and neck are due to immobility such as sitting all day. For office workers, this is a common occurrence. You may be provided with a list of stretches and exercises you can do to smooth out any kinks in the back. Doing them throughout the day can provide relief and prevent future injuries.

Physical Therapy

When your back pain is significant and results in difficulty moving or loss of range in motion, you may be referred to a physical therapist. It is their responsibility to help improve your pain. They use a number of techniques including stretches and exercises to ease the discomfort. Other therapies including ultrasound, active release, and electrical stimulation may also be used to treat the problem.


If you haven’t already been referred to one, but are experiencing significant back pain after several weeks, your doctor may send you to a chiropractor. They are skilled medical professionals who use a number of methods will help to treat the source of the problem.

Alternative Therapies

Some who suffer from chronic back pain decide to try alternative measures to treat the pain. This might include the use of certain herbal supplements, acupuncture, or massage therapy. Each has healing properties when it comes to pain and has been known to help others receive long-term relief.

When you’re back is in pain, everything seems to present a challenge. You’re barely able to get around from the discomfort and the pain is enough to put you in tears at times. If you’ve been struggling, the best thing you can do is talk with your doctor or chiropractor about determining a cause for the pain and coming up with feasible solutions such as those described above. If you find no relief, begin reviewing your options for surgery for long-term and proven relief

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