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Is Sweat With Kayla App Worth It?

Sweat with Kayla

Have you heard of the latest Sweat with Kayla app which is making a huge buzz in the fitness scene? If you have not heard of it before, you should read the Sweat with Kayla reviews available online to learn more about Sweat with Kayla!

Kayla Itsines is a 25-year-old Australian fitness guru. She started out working as a personal trainer in a women’s only center in Adelaide, Australia, and then starting building out workouts and meal plans that she saw worked for her clients. After a while, her collection of body-blasting moves and healthy eating meal plans came together to make her incredibly popular Bikini Body Guide.

The Bikini Body Guide is a 12-week program of strength and cardio that promises to get your health and fitness levels up with less than 30 minutes a day of physical activity.

Kayla’s eBooks have been proven to be incredibly effective and cover all aspects of getting into shape – which is the reason why she has legions of loyal followers who swear by her program now.

The idea behind this innovative fitness app was to create a product that would unite all of the awesome content of the Bikini Body Guide into an app with great functionality, which means all that you need for a workout, trip to the grocery store, or meal prep is you and your cellphone!

Sweat With Kayla – Is It Effective?

The App itself has a user-friendly interface with plenty of fun add-ons like a home screen that shows you the weather of wherever you are in the world.

The workouts themselves are the same or similar as what is in the Bikini Body Guide, which is not a disappointment because those workouts worked! Now, the two circuits that are to be completed twice each are easily accessible with a built in timer. That means you just press next as you go from activity to activity, and the app tracks your workout for you.

Also included in the App is the H.E.L.P. nutrition guide with both versions of the meal plan (both vegetarian and regular).

When you log into the app, the first screen you see is the status of your workout, for me is “Week 1 – Resistance” along with your weekly goal, which on my home screen says, “3 remaining” which means three workouts remaining for the week.

The unique and helpful thing about Kayla Itsines app is the helpfulness of having all aspects of your getting-into-shape regime in one handy location. From the home screen, you can easily navigate to your daily workouts, which provide all the glossary and step-by-step guides right there on your screen. You can also check out the “Food” tab for daily meal plans, which are adaptable to your requirements.

The App also has a “Progress” tracker and a “Planner”, both incredibly helpful features that were not possible in the original iteration of Kayla’s Bikini Body Guide.

Kayla’s entire empire was built on her idea that women weren’t getting the results they deserved from workouts in traditional gyms. Based on her research, she created the Bikini Body Guide, then her fitness app. In the app, there’s an “Education” feature where you can learn about the benefits of cardio, the different styles (like LISS, or Low Intensity Steady State exercises like walking). You can also learn about the importance of Cool Down and proper rehabilitation to promote recovery, prevent injury, and improve flexibility.

All in all, Kayla’s App is jam packed with value and is easily navigable. That makes it more likely that you’ll be able to stick to a daily routine of just thirty minutes a day and get yourself well on the way to a new level of health and fitness!

Sweat with Kayla App Cost

The traditional eBook version of Kayla’s Bikini Body Guide took you through to Week 12, but her App takes you through guided workouts for the first 24 weeks, which is what had many BBG stalwarts excited to jump into Kayla’s App.

Kayla’s fan base is filled with endless examples of fitness success stories. Her Bikini Body Guide has changed the lives of millions and that’s why Time recently named her one of the most influential people on the Internet. She has millions of followers on Instagram and Facebook, and maintains a healthy social media presence and email distribution list to keep fans in the loop and motivated.

Kayla developed her own workouts after working in a women’s only personal training center and realizing that the series didn’t actually provide noticeable results. So she did her own research and observed what worked in the women she was training to come up with her now viral movement.

Sweat with Kayla Review Summary

As with any fitness product, the results are shown by the amount of effort you put in. The mobile fitness app made Kayla’s Bikini Body Guide workouts accessible and easy to track while also incorporating her meal plans into one easy and highly functional app.

What about the Naysayers?

Kayla released a ‘Sweat with Kayla’ App nearly one year ago. The highly anticipated app was criticized by her loyal following of Bikini Body Guide fans as being too expensive and not filled with enough useful content.

The app, which launched in November of 2015, was meant to make Kayla’s wildly successful Bikini Body Guide into a format her followers could take with them on the go, but was met with a mix of criticism and accolades.

As of now, the Kayla Itsines’ Sweat with Kayla App is the #1 featured Health and Fitness App from the Apple Store in Australia, the UK, US, and Canada…which means the 25 year old fitness maharishi is doing something right!

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