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How to Take Care of an Older Dog

An older dog must exercise regularly to prevent arthritis and anxiety. However, because an aged pet’s joints aren’t very strong, key things must be considered before, during, and after each activity.


The Weather

When the temperature is high outdoors, an older pet will have problems exercising. Once a dog reaches a certain age, its temperatures aren’t regulated as easily. This means that if you play catch on a hot day, your pet will develop heart issues. As a result, the animal will want to rest constantly throughout the play session. If the weather is cold, the dog will stop playing because certain joints will begin to ache. The best way to prevent joint pain during the winter is by exercising your pet in a warm environment.


Walking Surfaces

Joint problems can affect how well an older pet can walk in certain areas. As certain bones age, your pet could develop slight stability problems. This is why you must take walks in locations that have a level ground that provides plenty of traction. The most popular spots include:

  • Sidewalks
  • Parks with grass
  • Yards with gravel

Any location that has slick surfaces should be avoided because the dog cause trip. Other hazards can also make a dog stumble, such as ditches, pot holes, and hills.

If you like to visit pet stores with your dog, you can prevent tumbles by putting special socks on the animal’s feet. The coating on the bottom of the fabric will keep the dog stable by generating traction.



When a dog gets old, some senses aren’t as effective, such as hearing and smelling. This is why an older pets feel more relaxed in a familiar environment. Many vets called this medical condition Old Dog Syndrome. Any dog that has this medical problem is easily frightened whenever activities are done in a unfamiliar location. To prevent severe symptoms, you must follow the same routines to keep your pet relaxed and calm.

Your dog will give you signals whenever there is a problem that needs to be solved. For example, during a walk, if the animal constantly takes a break every few minutes, a joint or muscle is probably aching. Resolving typical joint-related issues isn’t difficult; you can relieve arthritis pain by giving your dog a supplement that contains myristin.

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