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A Few Things To Help You Out With Adult Acne

When you’re going through your teens and dealing with acne you looking forward to reaching adulthood and being done with such issues. Then when you reach adulthood you quickly find out that acne isn't just something that affects teenagers. There are actually many reasons for adults to get acne.

  • Hormones, like those relating to a woman’s menstrual cycle, can cause acne breakouts
  • Stress does a lot of negative things to the body, from causing weight gain to causing acne
  • The products that you use on your face can cause acne
  • Acne can be a hereditary issue
  • Some acne can also be a side effect of medications

Coming Up With A Cleaning Routine

If products you’re using could be the cause of your acne, picking better products and coming up with a facial routine can be the way to stop your adult acne. You want to pick products that are oil free and they specify that they won’t clog our pores. It may even be extremely helpful to look up information on the best products to use for your acne prone skin.

Make sure that you wash your face every morning and evening. Never go to bed with makeup on or with a dirty face. You may also want to clean your face anytime you’ve eaten greasy foods that may have gotten some of that grease onto your face.

Changing Your Diet

While some will say that the foods that you eat aren’t going to cause you acne, if you live on an unhealthy diet it could still be a contributing factor to things like stress, which can cause acne. Eating things like fresh fruits and vegetables, and avoiding fried and fatty foods, can do good things for both your body and your complexion.

Eating foods that fight inflammation is one great way to help battle acne from the inside out. It’s also good to drink lots of water, which can help clean your system and keep your skin hydrated.

Look At Your Habits

While your bad habits might not directly affect your skin, and whether or not you get acne, they could be showing you signs of stress, which can cause acne. Even so, some researchers believe that smoking cigarettes can cause acne.

If you are abusing street drugs or even prescription medications it could be one of them that is contributing to your acne as well. Do what you can to be healthy and you may be able to avoid some acne and some stress.

If your acne is bad, causing scars, or changing lifestyle habits isn’t helping, it’s OK to talk to your doctor. They may be able to help out if the problem is something like a hormone imbalance, or they may be able to suggest some better cleansers and skin treatments.

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