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Tips For Keeping Joints And Bones Healthy

Your bones and joints play a vital role in your daily life. Bone and joint injuries could very well cause you to become bedridden. On the lower end of the spectrum, these problems can still result in stiffness and intense pain. With this in mind, it is truly in your best interest to do everything possible to keep your joints and bones as healthy as possible. Below, you’ll discover how to keep these crucial components healthy, so you can maintain the highest quality of life and maximum mobility.

Watching Your Weight

As you should already know, being overweight can put a greater amount of pressure on your joints. When you’re overweight, your joints are required to work harder when you walk from place to play. By keeping your weight at a healthy level, you will be able to minimize joint problems and pain. In fact, losing weight will help you reduce the amount of pressure put on your knees, back and hips, while also help you avoid joint injury.


If you happen to be suffering from join swelling and decreased mobility, you should consider exercising more frequently. In particular, aerobic exercise has proven to be best for loosening up the joints. Just make sure you stick with low-impact exercises, such a walking, swimming or bicycling. This will allow you to elevate your heart rate, while simultaneously diminishing the swelling. Avoid sitting around for too long. Force yourself to get up and move around as frequently as possible.

Improving Your Posture

Another thing to remember is that slouching can put additional strain on your joints. To help keep the pressure to a minimum, it is vital to make sure you perfect your posture. Stand and sit as straight as possible. This will protect the joints extending from your neck to your knees. Simultaneously, this minor tweak will also help to protect your back muscles and hip joints. When lifting and carry heavy objects, it is even more important to maintain the correct posture. Failing to do so could result in serious injury.

Optimal Calcium Levels

Calcium is a mineral that plays a huge role in preventing weak bones in older people and ensuring healthy bone growth and development in children. The key to ensuring both of these is optimal calcium level, by consuming the recommended amount in your diet. Calcium derives from a wide variety of foods including dairy products, orange juice, nuts, salmon, pulses, seeds and vegetables.

Foods, such as broccoli and milk will increase calcium levels much faster than other calcium rich foods. So, if you are suffering with calcium deficiency, these are the foods you should consume first. HGH and vitamin supplements are also effective in maintaining strong bones and healthy joints. HT Medical and pharmaceutical companies provide consumers with an array of brand supplements.

Avoid Alcohol And Tobacco

Studies have shown that alcohol and tobacco have been linked to weak bones. If you are a frequent smoker or drinker, you may want to consider giving up these habits. Even if you try every technique in the book to decrease your risk of weak bones and painful joints, as long as you consume alcohol and smoke, the effort will be fugal.

Using Ice

If you’re suffering from severe joint pain, you’ll want relief as quickly as possible. Nevertheless, it is in your best interest to avoid medications. Instead, you should consider using ice. Ice is a very effective natural pain reliever and it has virtually no negative side effects. Apply the ice to the inflamed or sore joint until the swelling subsides and the pain is numbed. If you do not have access to an ice pack, you can always use a bag of frozen vegetables or meat.

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