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4 Tips For When And Why You Need To Protect Your Head And Spine


Head and spine injuries are no laughing matter, and these types of injuries can leave people with head trauma, chronic pain, and even paralyzed. Also known as craniospinal injuries, these types of traumas can happen in many ways and have many different outcomes. They can lead to permanent damage, a need for surgery, and even repeat surgeries.

It’s important to protect your head and spine, no matter what activities you are participating in. Sometimes it’s of no fault of your own, like the development of tumors. Of course, that’s a good reason to also live a healthy life, pass on bad habits, and eat healthy.

Here are some common ways people suffer head and spine injuries, and what you can do to protect yourself.


1.Sports Injuries

Sports can be dangerous if you are not wearing the right protective gear. From basketball to football, head trauma is extremely common. Obviously basketball players aren’t wearing any gear to protect their head and spine, as it would get in the way of the game, so it’s just a matter of paying attention and being careful.

If you are into full contact sports, like wrestling or football, always make sure to use your safety equipment, and make sure that it fits properly. Football can actually cause permanent brain damage quickly from all of the concussions that players get.


2.Bike Riding

From motorcycles to bicycles, head and spine injuries can happen at the turn of a wheel. While not all states or cities have laws for helmets, riders on either type of bike should wear them anyway. It could save your life.

Even if you are the safest person on the road, it doesn’t mean that all of the other people riding and driving around you are paying as close attention as you, and an accident can happen quickly.


3.Horseback Riding

Actor Christopher Reeve was in a horse riding accident in the 90s that left him paralyzed, and unable to even breath without the use of a respirator. His injuries were extensive, but he and his wife went on to start a foundation to help bring awareness about spinal injuries.

When it comes to safety riding a horse, you can wear helmets. It also helps to make sure your tack is always secure and you are always holding on tight.


4.Car Accident

Another common tragedy that can lead to brain and spinal injuries is car accidents. While a seatbelt can save your life, you are still at risk even then of such injuries. And everyone knows that even the best and safest drivers sometimes end up victims of car wrecks.

Your best bet isn’t to stay off the road, it’s simply to watch the big picture, follow the traffic laws, and drive as safely as you can.

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