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4 Ways to Effectively Combate Your Itchy Eczema

There are various skin conditions that can be very itchy and incredibly annoying. Even worse is the fact that some of these ailments will be visible and that can be enormously embarrassing.

This is sometimes true, when it comes to eczema. This medical condition will cause the skin to come red, irritated and inflamed. If the eczema has developed on your arms, legs or neck, it will be nearly impossible to hide it! Instead, you will want to rectify the problem as quickly as possible. Below, you will discover the best methods for combating your itchy eczema.

  1. Trying An Oral Antihistamine

The biggest problem with eczema is the fact that the condition is incredibly itchy. Once you’ve developed this skin condition, the impacted area will tingle, sting and itch. You will have two options. You can easily scratch the wound bloody, but this will only increase the severity of the problem and cause it to spread. Alternatively, you could try taking an antihistamine. This type of medication is generally utilized for the treatment of allergies. However, it can also be used to help diminish the intensity of the itch.

By consuming Benadryl or a similar medication, you will be able to eliminate the itch and potentially make the rash disappear on its own.

2. Cool Compresses

Heat can cause your eczema to worsen. It will dry out the skin, while simultaneously making the impacted area itch even worse. This is why you should consider using a cold compress. Many people will find their eczema to be downright unbearable. Despite putting on an entire tube of cream, the itch will not seem to dissipate. For some people, cold compresses will work more effectively than creams. Eczema skin becomes itchy, because it is inflamed and the blood vessels are dilated.

By using a cold compress, you will be able to combat this problem. The cold compress will help to constrict the blood vessels and this will decrease the intensity of the itchiness. A cold compress will not completely rectify the problem, but it will provide you with temporary relief from the itch!

3. Topical Corticosteroids

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution to your problem, you should consider investing in a good eczema cream. Topical corticosteroids will do the trick. Just remember that these products can be purchased directly over the counter. Alternatively, you can also get a prescription from your doctor to obtain a higher strength medication. For many patients, the appropriate use of emollients will help to keep the condition under control. The creams are available in various strengths, including mild, potent and very potent. Work with a doctor to determine precisely which cream is right for you and how much to use.

4. An Oatmeal Bath

If you’ve tried the techniques above to no avail, you should consider taking a bath in oatmeal. An oatmeal bath is a good way to sooth and hydrate your skin. Use a combination of olive oil, baking soda and oatmeal for the best impact. While this may not clear up the rash, it will help to alleviate the itch and stop you from scratching!

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