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The Health Benefits of Drinking Water – Infographic

It’s an annual tradition that every January more and more outlandish miracle health stories are released – championing everything from the tapeworm diet to getting stung by bees to reduce inflammation . In all this confusion, it may be that people overlook the simpler, less headline-grabbing health tips, like simply drinking more water! Our bodies […]

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How Stem Cell Treatment Can Help Osteoarthritis

Stem cell therapy can be used to treat damaged tissue that causes discomfort, making it an effective treatment for relieving the symptoms of osteoarthritis. Although stem cell treatment has been around for at least two decades, it has only recently been used to treat osteoarthritis in an effort to reduce the symptoms associated with the […]

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Factors that Promote Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair is associated with beauty and youth. However, excessive hair loss and baldness may have a demoralizing effect on any individual. Especially for men, who due to male-pattern baldness are more likely to be a victim of drastic hair loss. Even women suffer from hair thinning which is quite depressing and cause loss of self-confidence. […]

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Living with Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer is often called a silent cancer as the early signs often go unnoticed, and by the time someone visits their doctor and a diagnosis is made there can, unfortunately, be little that can be done. As with many cancers, unexplained weight loss can be a warning sign that something is not right. Pancreatic […]

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How Stress Can Affect Your Health

When it comes to our health, many people don’t realize that the way we feel has a huge impact on our bodies.  When we are stressed out, we don’t just feel uneasy in our brains, but our body can start to quickly reflect our emotions. If you thought that stress was just an emotion and […]

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How Doing The Laundry Exposes You To E.Coli, Salmonella & Staph

During the festive season, it’s easy to fall behind with household chores. One that you shouldn’t forget to do this month is cleaning your washing machine. Washing machines can make excellent breeding grounds for some quite nasty germs.  Some of these are extremely harmful to our health and these include E.Coli, Salmonella, and Staph. Whilst the […]

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Say No to Frizz by Making Your Hair Humidity-Proof

When it comes to hair care, humidity is not your friend. You probably know it first hand if you live or have visited a place where the climate is hot and humid. High moisture levels cause your hair to frizz, which in turn makes it unmanageable. From a few strands of rebellious hair to frizz […]

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Four Ways to Maintain Your Health When You Don’t Have Health Insurance

Health insurance is expensive. The average family pays over $800 per month on their premiums. Costs can be even higher if you have to purchase health insurance on your own without the benefit of the reduced costs that come with joining a group plan. Even if you have insurance, coverage levels can vary, which can […]

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Detox Treatment for Better Health and Well-Being

Can you relate to this? Sometimes you feel tired and weak, you look unhealthy and pale, you are often irritated and sick and maybe even have a few too many pounds on your hips? Many people swear on fasting to rejuvenate their body. But what if this is too strict for you and you can’t […]

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Father Feeling Depressed At Baby's Mealtime

Ways to Avoid Child Trauma During a Divorce

A divorce is a horrible experience for anyone, because it turns a loving marriage into a hostile game of chess where money, assets, and the family home are all contested for. Any divorce is a sad moment for the couple, but when there are children involved, there’s a genuine and concerning possibility of lasting emotional […]

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