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5 Health Issues To Take Care of Regularly

Being healthy is a huge part of being happy, and that means that you should check in with yourself regularly, and you should check in with doctors or other health professionals often as well. Most of these types of visits are hardwired into the typical cultural schedule, but sometimes they get lost in the shuffle […]

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Starting A Career In Health And Wellness

There are many reasons to get start a career in the fields of health and wellness and there are many positions to be had in these areas. You could go along the lines of a food and health expert and become a dietitian, or you could do something along the lines of helping people get […]

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Know Your Blood Functions in Order to Stay Safe

Blood can be regarded as the main connective tissue in our human body which is found in a fluid state. It is made up from plasma which is a highly viscous liquid as well as other types of blood cells which are afloat around it. There are a lot of proteins, nutrients and hormones in […]

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How to Care for Your Ageing Parents

Are you in a position where you might need to care for your aging parents? Well, it’s not easy. Doubtless you’ll have heard horror stories about how families have fallen out over living arrangements, inheritances and siblings who are ‘pulling their weight’ (or not, as the case may be). But, it doesn’t have to be […]

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5 Things In Your Bedroom That Are Ruining Your Sleep

Your sleep is vitally important to maintaining proper health, without a good night’s sleep you’re liable to gain weight, suffer from heart disease, become more irritable, the list just goes on! That’s why there are so many different tips and tricks for relaxing and falling asleep. Well, I think one thing is forgotten about. The […]

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Biochemical Lab Relocation Makes Residential Moving Look Easy

Moving from one home to the next is often cited as one of the most stressful life events, especially if you must travel long-distance to a new city. As frustrating as residential moving can be it pales in comparison to lab relocation when biological transport is needed. People may be able to muscle through a home […]

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Adapt your home to fit your Health Needs – Preparing for the Older Generation

A fifth of people who are aged between 60 and 69 have made several changes to their home to prepare for their old age, as per a new survey in America. When you choose a specific place to live, you might have the freedom of giving a lot of weight to the appearance and size […]

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4 Ways to Effectively Combate Your Itchy Eczema

There are various skin conditions that can be very itchy and incredibly annoying. Even worse is the fact that some of these ailments will be visible and that can be enormously embarrassing. This is sometimes true, when it comes to eczema. This medical condition will cause the skin to come red, irritated and inflamed. If […]

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Think Fat Loss not Weight Loss – Stay Healthy

At least 70% of weight loss results from the food you eat, 10% from lifestyle and 20% from exercise. This means that weight loss can hardly happen without diet changes. Diet, in this case does not imply the eating less food or not eating at all. Rather, it implies taking a balanced diet in order […]

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The Importance of Nutrition on Male Fertility

The issue of male fertility and nutrition is a complicated matter. It seems as though the two go hand in hand. Scientific Studies have shown that in cases where couples were trying to conceive that fertility issues comprised 50% of the total problem. They have also shown that if a man is not getting the […]

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