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How To Lose Weight and Feel Good

Today’s aim is to talk about some reasons why you might not be losing the fat that you’re trying to lose.

Now, there are a lot of different subjects and in-depth topics that I could discuss in this article, a lot of which get pretty tactical and involved, as far as, bodily function goes. However, what I would like to do first is keep this very simple and very straight to the point and talk about three basic reasons you’d want to take a look at first before stressing out about your diet further.

Don’t underestimate your food intake

The first thing we want to talk about is underestimating the amount of food that you’re taking in. So, what I mean by this is a lot of us don’t measure out the food that we eat. Instead what we do is we go off with packages and serving sizes and, generally, estimate how much we’re eating.  Well, this helps us not stress out about actually counting these and making it a lot easier, what it also could potentially do is be adding in hundreds of extra calories to our diet that go unaccounted for.

Count your calories, all of them

Other ways we can go about this is not counting certain foods, may be such as vegetables, dressings, also, a lot of the drinks that contain calories that we might forget to count. So, this is something to take a look at and take into consideration if you are not losing the weight that you’re wanting to. Playing along those same lines and other things we might be overestimating is the amount of exercise we are actually doing or our activity level.

So, what I mean by that is, if we are using may be let’s say the treadmill or the stair stepper at the gym to really get a good idea of how many calories are burned. That might not be a true indicator of our actual total calorie burned. So, what we do when we set up this online weight calculators we’re actually overestimating or setting our maintenance level a lot higher, that way when we do go on a diet and aim for a lower amount of calories it’s not a true indication of how much we should be eating. And, that caloric intake might not put us in the caloric deficit that we are looking for.

Give your diet time

Again, just something to keep in mind, the third reason I’m going to talk about why you might not be losing weight really boils down to just your patience and not giving your diet time to work. A lot of times, if you’ve watched any of my book and our cutting articles on how to setup your diet we set it up so you should roughly gain or lose one pound per week.

Now, taking into consideration things like water retention and fluctuation and daily weight based off what you are eating a lot of people get extremely frustrated when they see certain changes or not any changes, at all, on the scale. You have to realise that dieting and losing weight or gaining weight, in any case, takes time and patience.

Hire a personal trainer

If you are having trouble following the above tips or are just not disciplined enough on your own to stick to your new routine, then it may be time to hire a personal trainer, at least in the short term until your new routine becomes second nature.

So, if you’ve only been on a diet for a week or two weeks tops and maybe you are not seeing the weight you want to lose, or may be you are really curious to why you’ve lost so much weight. And them, in a couple of days later you gain some of it back you just have to be patient and consistent with your diet and it will take form and it will give you results. So, before you really stress and freak about not losing the weight you want to lose, take a look at those three basic things. You might find that it makes a big difference.

Marcus has been a personal trainer for the last 15 years and has recently started to blog about his experiences online. If you have any tips to share please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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