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Nutrition, Your Life Is On the Line

Nutrition is the process of giving one’s body the correct food to sustain life. While the study of proper nutrition continuous many studies have already given people the proper information to maintain their health and to reduce the risk of getting diseases and conditions due to poor nutrition.

Self-image regarding nutrition

Self-image has always been tainted by what is perceived as ideal weight. Diet companies thrive on people’s low self-esteem and offer solutions to stereotypical weight issues (whether they are real or perceived as real.) Unfortunately most of these companies look at reducing weight, but have not until recently taken into account proper nutrition. It is not simple enough to categorize what is good for your health and what is not when it comes to enlist nutritional items.

Diseases and conditions caused by poor nutrition

These diseases include diabetes, cardiovascular disease, scurvy, anemia, high cholesterol, hypertension and osteomalacia.

There is a wide spectrum of conditions that can be corrected or managed through proper nutrition. These include obesity, osteoporosis (also considered a disease,) impairment of the immune system, preventable blindness, and malnutrition.

Children are especially at risk

Poor nutrition or malnutrition can be devastating to children. When a child’s body is growing, proper nutrition is absolutely vital. A malnourished child is at risk of poor growth, delayed mental and physical development and will have a high risk of developing chronic illnesses. This may lead a child to the way of doing nothing in future. Only a healthy child can work well not a sick one.

Nutrition programs are not only for dieters

A nutritionist will create a program (based on proven data) for meal planning and preparations, taking into account the economic situation their client is in. Fresh, unprocessed foods are a key to the nutrition plan, but so are the other vital needs for proper nutrition such as vitamins, essential fatty-acids and amino-acids, fiber minerals, proteins and supplements depending upon the client’s specific situation. It is not a modern concept that nutritional concepts are only for dieters. It should say that, everybody must follow a proper diet schedule. This is the way through which a person can lead a healthy life with no diseases. Your every meal should be properly planned.

To take Vitamins or not

Supplements such as vitamins are very important to take if a person doesn’t retain the necessary amounts of vitamins that are present in the food they consume. Having deficient or excess levels of vitamins can seriously affect health, therefore vitamin usage should be assessed by a physician or nutritionist first. It would be good to consult expert for this purpose. Health cannot be regain, so one must be very careful about taking the food products that can damage his/her health anyway. Our body needs different nutrients in specific percentage. If this percentage decreases or increases from the average limit, it can harm body.

A type of Anemia is caused by low levels of iron, or iron deficiency anemia. Iron supplements are used to treat this and prevent such things as poor growth mentally and physically in children, to balance iron levels in women that have heavy menstruation or chronic blood loss via gastro intestinal bleeding (ulcers). In both cases, life is on risk. So, you need to take proper diet in healthy way.

B12/folate deficiency anemia is managed by taking B12 supplements, therefore producing healthy red cells to maintain and repair DNA. With impairment of DNA diseases such as cancers can develop. Folate or folic acid is crucial to proper embryotic development Neural tube defects result from lack of folic acid.

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