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The Steps to Take When Weight Loss is Urgent


If you no longer want to remain out of shape, you need to lose weight urgently. There are good ways and bad ways to lose weight when you’re overweight and desperate to shed the pounds. Firstly, you need to be realistic and moderate your expectations. No one should expect to see massive changes overnight; it simply doesn’t work that way.

Going to drastic lengths to lose weight will only result in you causing problems for yourself. So, here are the positive steps you should take if you want to lose weight urgently.


Eat Three Meals

Skipping meals is one mistake that a lot of people make when they decide that they’re going to try to lose weight. This is never a positive thing to do though. When you attempt to starve your body, you actually make it more difficult for yourself to lose weight, not easier. This is because your body starts to hold onto fat because you’re not putting enough food into your system.

You should make sure that you’re eating three meals each day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all essential. The other reasons why this is a good approach is because it keeps your body sustained throughout the day. You won’t be so tempted to snap on bags of crisps and bars of chocolate if you’re eating three good meals throughout the course of a day.

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Change the Size of Your Portions

Eating a little less than you currently do might be necessary. Many people who become overweight get into the habit of eating a certain way. And this often means eating a lot more food than their body actually needs. But once you start eating more than you need, your body gets used to it, making it hard to cut back.

Once you break that habit and get into a new routine of only eating the amount of food that your body actually needs, you will start to get less hungry. Do some research on portion control if you’re struggling to know how much is enough when it comes to eating. It’s a good idea to stop eating once you feel satisfied, even if there’s food left on the plate.


Have Clear Aims

If you want to lose weight, the chances are you have a reason for this. Maybe you want to be able to play outside with your children without getting out of breath. Or maybe you want to fit into that dress that you used to love wearing a couple of years ago. These aims are pretty specific, and they could help you to get to where you want to be.


It’s much better to have this kind of goal as opposed to the kind of goal that’s more generic, like simply wanting to lose a few pounds. Those kinds of non-specific goals are bad because they don’t offer clarity with regards to what you’re aiming for. Therefore, it will be impossible to know when you’ve actually achieved what you wanted to do.


Eat Raw Fruit and Vegetables

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We all know how important it is to eat the right amount of fresh fruit and vegetables each day. But fewer people realise how good it is to make sure that those fruit and vegetables are raw when you eat them. When they’re raw, they are much better at filling you up. This is less true when they’re boiled or cooked because the consistency and composition changes.


It’s always best to eat the kinds of foods that make you feel full without cramming an excessive amount of calories into your body. This is the benefit that’s afforded to you by eating a large amount of raw fruit and vegetables. You’ll be sure to feel full without having to suffer the consequence of a high intake of calories.


Hit the Gym Six Days a Week


Changing your diet is, of course, vital. But it’s certainly not going to get you to where you want to be by itself. To achieve your weight loss goals, you’re going to need to be willing to get active and exercise as well. Diet will only get you so far. It can cause a bit of weight loss, sure. But the weight loss will be dramatically accelerated by combining it with exercise.


Hitting the gym is the best way to speed up weight loss. There they have all the equipment that can exercise every part of your body. Cardiovascular exercise should form the core of your workout, but you can also go some weight training to boost your strength too. It’s good to have one day a week off, but the rest of the time, it’s good to do some kind of exercise.


Keep All Your Options in Mind


Losing weight is definitely not easy. And it’s common for people to get disheartened and disappointing when they don’t see the results they’re looking for. If your health is at serious risk from your weight and you’re not sure what else to try when everything seems to have failed, have a look at your options.


There are lots of medical treatments that can now help people who are dangerously overweight. If you talk to your doctor, they will be able to discuss all the options with you before you make any decisions. They should tell you whether or not you qualify for a gastric band procedure, for example.


Moderate Excesses


No one is perfect, and we all have relapses when we’re trying to lose weight. The best way to stop these relapses is by enjoying treats in moderation. This will stop the desire to binge on foods that you know are no good for you. But it will also give you something to reward yourself with.


These treats don’t have to be anything considerable. For example, having a slice of cake once a month is a good way to treat yourself for your hard work. But it won’t have any long-term detrimental effect on your efforts to lose weight. So, treats and excesses don’t have to be bad, as long as they’re moderated.

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